Friday, 16 January 2015

FILMS FROM COMICS - From Hell (2001)

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From Hell  (2001) is a detective story based on version of the Jack the Ripper murders told in Alan Moore's From Hell.

From Hell is a pretty standard:  a damaged but brilliant detective, his corrupt and incompetent superiours and other police, his snarky but loyal partner, the shared focus with the victims and potential victim/love interest and obscured tense scenes of the killer.  It even has the standard quota of nudity for an detective film.

Given that, it's an absorbing, stylish well-directed film with a darkly portrayed Victorian era, prophecy through drug taking and conspiracies.  As a movie, of course, its historical accuracy is terrible but the investigators were shown to be well aware that the victims were known to each other - something the police at the time investigated by found no evidence of - and a character's overdose in his 30s when he died of natural causes aged 68 are particularly annoying.

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