COMPETING FILM SHOWDOWN - Additional Entries Poll

Looking at film. Sometimes two very similar films come out close together, let's see which one is better...

Future Competing Showdown films to be reviewed.

 Do the poll to help decide which two films will be after those.

Meanwhile, help choose the replacement films on that poll.

1971:  Countess Bathory Showdown - Countess Dracula vs Daughters of Blood.

  • Which has eternal youth?

1989:  Police Dog Comedy Showdown - Turner & Hooch vs K-9

  • Which is the better Man's Best Friend/Buddy Cop film?

1993/1994:  The OK Corral Showdown Showdown - Tombstone vs Wyatt Earp

  • Which is the better shoot-out?
  • New to List.

1997:  Eruption Disaster Showdown - Dante's Peak vs Volcano.

  • Which is the bigger disaster?

1998/1999:  War is Hell Showdown - Dante's Peak vs Volcano.

  • Which is the bigger battle?
  • New to List.

1999:  Ghostspotter Showdown - The Sixth Sense vs Stir of Echoes.

  • Which has the spirit?

2000/2001:  Dying Girl Showdown - Autumn in New York vs Sweet November.

  • Which is the better romance?
  • New to list.

2011:   Painful Invasion Showdown - Skyline vs Battle: Los Angeles.

  • Which is least rubbish?
  • New to List.

2011:   Kidnapped Family Showdown - Taken 2 vs Stolen.

  • Which is the better revenge?

2011:   Greek Mythology Showdown - Immortals vs Wrath of the Titans.

  • Which is the most godly?
  • New to List.

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