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Looking at film and television. Sometimes two very similar films come out close together, let's see which one is better...

Here's a list of 10 film duos I intend looking at.  I'm starting off with films released in the same year calender year, but will expand out to films in consecutive years as time goes on.  I'm also going to avoid deliberate rip-offs by companies such as Asylum who make "Mockbusters" of major films to trick audiences into see their film instead of the real thing.
Below there is a poll with all 20 films on it.  Ranking the pairs will determine the order I review them.  Additional films will be added as after each review.

[UPDATE:  The current poll can be found here.]

Completed Showdown:

Current Poll:

1986:  Fighter Aces Showdown - Iron Eagle vs Top Gun.
  • Who's the better pilot?
  • Currently last place in the poll.

    1989:  Underwater Base Showdown (Round 1) - Leviathon vs Deep Star Six.
    The loser will go up against the same year's Lords of the Deep while the winner will play off against The Abyss.

    1995:  Talking Pig Showdown - Babe vs Gordy.
    • Talking Pig... for kids.
    • New to list.

    1996:  Jane Austen's Emma Showdown - Emma (TV) vs Emma (Film).
    • With public domain, it's bound to happen.

    1998:  Earth Approaching Asteroid Showdown - Deep Impact vs Armageddon.
    • Hits or misses?

    1998:  Animated Insects Showdown -  A Bug's Life vs Antz
    • Tiny CGI animals.
    • New to list. 

    2000:  Mars Voyage Showdown - Mission to Mars vs Red Planet.
    • Who do you want to go to Mars with?

    2005:  Spelunking Scares Showdown - The Cave vs The Descent.
    • Caves.  Confided, dark, scary.  What if something is down there with you?

    2011:  Casual Sex Rom Com Showdown - No Strings Attached vs Friends with Benefits.
    • Not a new idea, but two films with a new crop of actors and the idea in the title in the same year?

    2013:  Apocalypse Party Showdown (Round 1) - This Is The End vs The World's End.
    • Hollywood party vs Pub Crawl.  You choose.
    • Currently first place in the poll (then again, it was last time, too).
    • The loser goes up against Rapture Palooza; the winner against This Is A Disaster.
    • This Is The End vs The World's End Showdown.

    Removed Showdowns:
    • 1991:  Merry Men Showdown - Robin Hood vs Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
    • 1992:  Christopher Columbus Showdown - 1492: The Conquest of Paradise vs Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.

    Check out the poll...

    ~ DUG.

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