Looking at film. Sometimes two very similar films come out close together, let's see which one is better...

Here's a list of 10 film duos I intend looking at.  I'm starting off with films released in the same year calender year, but will expand out to films in consecutive years as time goes on.  I'm also going to avoid deliberate rip-offs by companies such as Asylum who make "Mockbusters" of major films to trick audiences into see their film instead of the real thing.

Below there is a poll with all 20 films (10 pairs) on it.  Ranking the pairs will determine the order I review them (Click here for films reviewed and removed)  Additional films will be added as after each review (Click here for the poll over what to add).


2006:  Period LA Murder Showdown - The Black Dahlia vs Hollywoodland.

  • Which film kills, period?

1986: Mystic East Meets West Showdown - The Golden Child vs Big Trouble in Little China.


1984:  Creepy Little Monsters Showdown - Gremlins vs Ghoulies

  • Which is the most cute and annoying?

1988/1989:  Body Swap Showdown - Big vs Vice Versa.

  • Which is the better swap?
  • Next to list.

1989:  Underwater Base Showdown (Round 2) - Lords of the Deep vs DeepStar Six.

  • The fight for last place in the underwater base films.
  • Check out the round 1 showdown.
  • Currently in first place.

1994:  Future Brain Space Showdown - Strange Days vs Johnny Mnemonic

  • Which is better to wrap your head around.


1999:  Virtual Reality Showdown (Match 3) - eXistenZ vs The Matrix.

  • Match 1 winner vs Match 2 winner.
  • Which unreal world is the most realistic?

1999:   Anti-Christ Showdown - Stigmata vs End of Days.

  • Which is the better endtime?

    2008/2009:  Countess Bathory Showdown - Bathory vs The Countess.

    • Which has eternal youth?
    • New to list

    2013:  Apocalypse Party Showdown (Round 3) - The World's End vs It's A Disaster.

    • A fight for first place in the apocalypse party showdown.
    • Check out the round 1 showdown.

    2013:  Space Exploration Gone Wrong Showdown - Gravity vs Europa Report

    • Which had the better result?
    • Currently in last place.

    2014:  Out For Revenge Showdown - John Wick vs The Equalizer

    • Which is the better dish served cold?

    Check out the poll...

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